Field Charges and Credits

 There are two (2) distinct different types of fees for using the field.  One type is paid by individual members and the other type is paid by Instructors or trainers who are charging students and the Instructors are making money by using or ‘renting’ the SUDS field.

Members Open Practice


1.         Members using the agility equipment to practice at either a SUDS organized open practice are as follows:

1 dog -  $4 per visit or $14 per month

2 dogs - $6 per visit or $22 per month

3 or more dogs - $8 per visit or $30 per month


2.       Members using the field, but not the agility equipment (i.e., rally or obedience practice) are as follows:

1 dog - $3 per visit or the $10 per month 

2 dogs - $5 per visit or $18.00 per month

3 or more dogs - $7 per visit or $26.00 per month

Members Private Practice

1.         Members using the field to practice individually- prices are as follows:

1 dog -  $10 per visit or $36 per month

2 dogs - $12 per visit or $44 per month

3 or more dogs - $15 per visit or $56 per month

Please Note: All Instructors wishing to hold their own classes of any kind at the field MUST carry their own insurance and MUST have SUDS added to their insurance under a millon dollar policy. If you have any questions, please email

  1. Instructors who are charging students and teach at the field pay $3 per student per class if they are using any agility equipment.  If they are not using any agility equipment they pay $2 per student per class.  Instructors pay a minimum of $6 to reserve and teach at the field (i.e., a private lesson).


Please don’t confuse the two fees and tell students they owe a field fee for taking a class.  The Instructor’s fee is strictly a fee paid by the Instructor for ‘renting’ the field when they are receiving money for teaching at the field.  It is a cost Instructors should factor in when charging students.  Instructors write on the calendar each week the number of students attending and may either pay SUDS each week or a total at the end of their classes.

Field Credits

Members can receive a credit towards field fees one of two ways:

 1.         Field maintenance – A member who consistently performs field maintenance earns credit for one (1) dog for the month. Please bring your request for maintenance credits to the board prior to conducting the service!!

 2.         A member who conducts an approved SUDS open practice (prepares a course and assists as needed) may run one (1) dog of their own at the practice without paying the $14 monthly field fee, thereby earning a $14 credit for one (1) dog for one (1) month.  If they run a second, third or more dogs the same fees will apply as above with a $14 credit.  (So, the second dog would be $8 per month and 3 or more dogs would be $16 per month.)