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Dog Agility Classes!

New Classes Start Nov 4th, 2017!

SUDS dog agility classes are held once per week for 6 weeks or as noted below.  The classes are open to the public. Classes are held at the SUDS field 2760 Vineyard Drive, Santa Clara, UT 84765.

Prerequisite:  Dogs must have a good recall, sit and stay command.  It is highly recommended that you successfully complete a Beginner Obedience Class to enroll in our agility classes or have instructor permission.

Discounts Offered:

  • $10 discount for current SUDS members
  • 1/2 price for Dogs adopted from a shelter or rescue organization within the last 6 months.  Must show proof of rescue the day of registration.

Tentative schedules below.  Schedules may and do change.

Beginning Agility I- 6 weeks


When:    Mondays Nov 6th - Dec 18th, 2017 (skips Thanksgiving week)

Time:   11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Instructor:  Laurie Andrus - see instructor Bio below

Where:  2760 Vineyard Drive, Santa Clara, UT 84765 (SUDS field)

Cost:  $105  ($95 for SUDS Members)

Pre-Registration and payment required by Nov 2nd

This class will be for the introduction of agility; which will provide both handler and dog the fundamentals of each apparatus to be exercised correctly and safely.  At the end of this class; each will have a good understanding of the sport and have a good foundation to continue this sport.  
Please register early to secure your spot!

Note: Classes are subject to change due to the skill levels of each class

Beginning/Intermediate Agility (Agility II)- 6 weeks


When:   Saturdays Nov 4th - Dec 16th (skips Thanksgiving week) 

Time:    3:00 - 4:00 pm

Instructor:  Laurie Andrus

Where:  2760 Vineyard Drive, Santa Clara, UT 84765 (SUDS field)

Cost:  $105  ($95 for SUDS Members)

Pre-Registration and payment required by Nov 1st! 


Agility Class II will expand on what you and your dog learned in Agility I.  More new and fun obstacles will be introduced as well as flat work exercises.  The goal for your dog is to be able to work the obstacles with skill and confidence.  Handlers will be introduced to more handling skills and games to play at home with their dog.  The goal is to Have Fun! 
Note: Classes are subject to change due to the skill levels of each class

My Dogs Perspective in Agility- Advanced Agility- 6 weeks


When:    TBA

Time:   TBA

Instructor:  Arlene Tafolla - see instructor bio below

Where:  2760 Vineyard Drive, Santa Clara, UT 84765 (SUDS field)

Cost:  $105  ($95 for SUDS Members)

Pre-requisites: At least 2 Agility classes completed and dog can run a full course off-leash.

Minimum class size is 3 and maximum is 5 dog/handler teams per class.
Additional classes may be added as necessary.
Please sign up early!

Pre-Registration and payment required


  • Use Video to show how dogs read their handlers cues
  • Slow motion video review and critique.
  • Roll play handlers & handlers acting as their dog.
  • Work on specific problems
  • Work on drive
  • Work on control
  • Work on distance handling
  • Review all the handler cues, motion, verbal, hand signals, position etc.
  • Review recall to heel
  • Review and work on solid stays at start line
  • Review and work on outs & turns at home and at the field.
  • Have fun...
Instructor Bios:

Polly Pierce -

I got my first dog, an Alaskan Malamute in 1972, which sent me on an incredible 45 year journey. I raised, trained and ran a team of Mals for several years. I raised 2 guide dog puppies, both of which became working guides. I switched to Aussies around 1984 and have been hooked ever since. I put an obedience title on one Mal, and a Championship on another. I put an obedience title on my first Aussie and dabbled in agility before it was agility. In 2000, I started serious agility with my 2nd Aussie and put several advanced titles on her in several venues. My third and current Aussie has numerous agility titles and rally obedience titles . I started teaching agility 10 years ago and several of my students are now the master.

Arlene Tafolla -

Growing up as an only child, dogs have always been a big part of my life.  I trained my first dog at age 5 and dreamed of showing dogs some day.   In my early 20's I took a dog obedience class from a local dog club in Michigan with my Golden Retriever.  Shortly after  the class I became a member of the club and taught obedience classes for 7 years until I moved away from the area.  In the early 90's I switched to smaller dogs; Miniature Schnauzers.  What was I thinking?  Terriers have so much more energy than the happy go lucky Golden Retrievers.  In 2008 I took a dog agility class and became a member of SUDS.  A couple of years later I started teaching dog agility classes.   My dogs and I have gotten obedience titles and even a couple of High In Trials.  We have also earned several agility titles.  I love teaching dog agility.  Dogs are amazing creatures and with the correct training will do amazing things.  It's fun to work with the dogs and handlers and to watch the dog/handler teams begin to develop and progress.  In my Dogs Perspective classes the slow motion videos show how literally a dog reads their handlers body language.  The videos can be quite hilarious.